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07 January 2011 @ 08:51 am
dreamt he was a woman with a child.  
Poor sleep in hot weater = terrible dreams.

In the dream I'd been irresponsible and had a car accident - I'd caused some damage. The chap was furious - and a Satanic prophet. He christens me Jinx, trying to crush me by car into a truck and send me to hell. I plead for my life, and he asks me for the location of the Third Engine. Inside the back of the truck is a huge padlocked iron door with grooves carved out by the swarming maggots trying to get in. Skip to the part where nasty magic has me painfully muted, blinded and then losing my hearing, as I run up stairs trying to get to my baby. And I'm fairly sure I was about to die around then, but I'd been fairly sure of that the entire dream so far.

Of course, I wake up and it's all probably because I had a horribly dry throat. Gah. I hate horror movies.