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01 January 2011 @ 07:46 am
Happy New Year, and hope you're all healthy and hale.

It's been a good one. About halfway through Suellyn got me a financial diary which I've been using to keep track of daily & monthly goals. I've been getting nearly everything done - the things I didn't were often enough small and silly additions, such as playing Dance Central on Kinect more. Yeah, that's not a priority.

So no 2011 resolutions as such - just January ones, then Feb, etc. More achievable in small steps.

Looking to start uni again soon. Been studying enough on my own, have proven I can learn... may as well get qualifications for it, and the assistance wouldn't hurt.

Day of Christmas eve, Sue ran over a baby bird. Fortunately the wheels didn't hit it. For the next few days I raised it, helped it re-integrate with its flock, and a couple days ago I got to watch it fly away.

Really something else.